Fall 2006 Climate Seminar:  Multi-decadal climate variability


Instructors: Webster, Cobb, Di Lorenzo, Lynch-Stieglitz


Time & Location: ES&T L116; Wednesdays 3-5pm


Who should take this seminar for credit (2 credits): Graduate students with interests in the past, present or future climate on intraseasonal to centennial timescales


Who is welcome to participate:  All students, post-docs, faculty and staff who are interested


Scope:  We will explore the current understanding of multidecadal variability from paleoclimatic, instrumental, and modelling perspectives, reading literature that focuses on different regions of the world's oceans. One of the main goals of the seminar are to identify the big lingering questions surrounding decadal-scale variability, and to emphasize links between the students' research and the themes/techniques treated in the various papers.


Format:  This is a seminar, and the emphasis will be on discussion of the literature. There will also be some background lectures delivered by the faculty. Most weeks there will be two assigned readings, and two graduate students will lead the discussion. By Monday, discussion leaders are responsible for distributing a set of talking points designed to focus the group's reading around several key issues. During Wednesday's class, the discussion leaders will be responsible for summarizing key points of paper, reproduction of key figures (powerpoint is easiest), providing supplementary information relevant to the paper and leading the discussion.  It is absolutely essential that all students have read the papers before class and come prepared with questions and points for discussion.


Grading: Based on participation in discussion and leading discussion.




Aug 23        Organizational Class


Aug 30        Introduction to Time-series analysis (Hoyos Lecture)   

                            Allen&Smith, 1994     Torrence&Compo, 1998


Sept 6        Interdecadal variability in analyses of global climate data Part I      ZULUAGA & COBB

                       Mann et al., 1998    Zhang et al., 1997


Sept 13      Interdecadal variability in analyses of global climate data Part II    FURTADO

                  Delworth & Mann, 2000    Chelliah & Bell, 2004


Sept 20       North Atlantic variability Part I                                                        IONITA

                   Deser & Blackmon, 1993    Thompson & Wallace, 1998


Sept 27       North Atlantic variability Part II                                                        LEECH & IONITA

                    Bell & Chelliah, 2006      Hurrell & VanLoon, 1997


Oct 4           Tropical Atlantic variability Part I                                                    HOLLEY & SUZUKI

                    Black et al., 1999      Chang et al., 1997


Oct 11         Tropical Atlantic variability Part II                                                    WIDLANSKY

                   Giannini et al., 2003    Chiang et al., 2000


Oct 18         Pacific decadal variability - biological indices                                    VIElRA

                    Mantua et al., 1997    Hare & Mantua, 2000    Chavez et al., 2003   


Oct 25         Pacific decadal variability:  tropical evidence                                    JIAN

                    Evans et al., 2001       Cobb et al., 2001


Nov 1           Pacific decadal variability:  midlatitudes & tropical interactions        SUZUKI & NURHATI

                     Deser et al., 2004    Barnett et al., 1999


Nov  8          Pacific decadal variability & global warming                                       PARTIN

                     Latif et al., 1997    McPhaden et al., 2002


Nov 15          Pacific decadal variability: oceanic mechanisms                                AGUDELO & CEBALLOS

                      Gu & Philander, 1997        Schneider et al., 1999


Nov  22        Pacific decadal variability:  atmospheric mechanisms                      ARIAS & COMBES

          Alexander at al., 2002        Schneider & Cornuelle, 2005         


Nov 29        ENSO-monsoon interdecadal interactions Part I                                FRITZ & TOMA

                   Torrence & Webster, 1999       Krishnamurthy & Goswami, 2000


Dec 6           ENSO-monsoon interdecadal interactions Part II                               NURHATI

                    Wang et al., 2001        Reason et al., 2000