EAS 8001/4801-KC:  The Warming Papers

  Wednesday 11-12pm, ES&T 1229



Kim Cobb                                                                    
ES&T 3240, 404-894-3895                                          
Course Objectives:
This seminar course will review some of the seminal scientific findings surrounding anthropogenic climate changes, addressing both its causes and effects. Our reading list is pulled from "The Warming Papers" (Eds. D. Archer and R. Pierrehumbert, Wiley, 2011).
Schedule of Papers:
Section I:  Climate Physics (see the great overview here)
January 7     Introduction

Janurary 16      Arrhenius, S. "On the Influence of Carbonic Acid in the Air upon the Temperature of the Ground ", Philosophical Magazine of Science, vol 41(251):  237-276 1896.

January 23    Sellers, W.D, "A Global Climatic Model Based on the Energy Balance of the Earth-Atmosphere System", 1969.
January 30     Manabe, S., and Wetherald, R.T.,  "The Effects of Doubling the CO2 Concentration on the Climate of a General Circulation Model", 1975. 

February 6      Hansen, J. et al., "Climate Sensitivity: Analysis of Feedback Mechanisms", 1984.

February 13    Mitchell, J.F.B. et al., "Climate Response to Increasing Levels of Greenhouse Gases and Sulphate Aerosols", 1995.

February 20     Hansen et al., "Earth's Energy Imbalance: Confirmation and Implications", 2005.

February 27     Fu, Q. et al, "Contribution of Stratospheric Cooling to Satellite-Inferred Troposphoric Temperature Trends", 2004.

March 6     Mann, M.E. et al., "Northern Hemisphere Temperatures During the Past Millennium: Inferences, Uncertainties, and Limitations", 1999.

March 13     Zwally, H.J. et al., "Surface Melt-Induced Acceleration of Greenland Ice-Sheet Flow", 2002.

March 27     Charney, J.G. et al., "Carbon Dioxide and Climate: A Scientific Assessment", 1979.

Section II:  The Carbon Cycle (see the great overview here)

April 3     Bolin, B. and Eriksson, E., "Distribution of Matter in the Sea and Atmosphere: Changes in the Carbon Dioxide Content of the Atmosphere and Sea due to Fossil Fuel Combustion", 1958.

April 10    Keeling, C.D. "Is Carbon Dioxide from Fossil Fuel Changing Man's Environment?", 1970.

April 17     Cox, P.M. et al., "Acceleration of Global Warming Due to Carbon-Cycle Feedbacks in a Coupled Climate Model", 2000.

April 23     Kennett, J.P and Stott, L.D., "Abrupt Deep-Sea Warming, Palaeoceanographic Changes and Benthic Extinctions at the End of the Palaeocene", 1991.

April 30    Barnola, J.M. et al., "Vostok Ice Core Provides 160,000-Year Record of Atmospheric CO2", 1987.